College Advising

Concerned about college admissions? There's no need to go it alone. Let me take the mystery out of the college admissions process. I provide one-on-one, customized guidance and assistance with:

     * Researching schools that are a "good fit" for you

     * Completing applications

     * Writing essays

     * Understanding financial aid

     * Managing deadlines

     * And much more!

I provide tools, guidance, and structure, but the student is always at the center of the process.

I offer a free initial consultation, competitive rates, and a pay-as-you-go fee structure.

To contact me about college admissions advising, click here.


I will guide, assist, support, and facilitate at all stages of the admissions process. However, please note that I will not write student essays, complete applications or financial aid forms on behalf of clients, submit or file application materials, or take responsibility for student deadlines. The responsibility for completing and filing applications and forms, as well as meeting deadlines, ultimately lies with the student and his or her family.