"Tamara has assisted me with my academic pursuits for over four years now. Quite honestly, she is the most dedicated and knowledgeable advisor I have met. With her help, I was able to improve my writing and refine research skills that are essential for college success. I can also confidently say that Tamara played a large role in helping me achieve my goals for graduate studies. I cannot thank her enough for pushing me far beyond my own expectations!" -Diana R.

Responsible, dedicated, inventive, courteous, thoughtful, diplomatic, solid and thorough, Tamara sets the standard for what an excellent teacher should be. -Terri A.

"Tamara is an incredible tutor. She is extremely patient and dependable. She will always find time to meet despite a busy schedule.Tamara explains difficult material in a very concise way. She is very knowlegable in many areas, and I am very impressed how intelligent and organized she is. She instills a sense of confidence and is always cheerful. She has helped me with my grad courses as well as helped me organize and learn to write research papers. I highly recommend Tamara if you are struggling with grad level courses and need a patient and intelligent tutor. She is the best!" -Sue O.

"Tamara is amazing! She is friendly and professional. She has helped me with numerous term papers and research projects while I was working on my bachelor's and master's in psychology. I highly recommend her!" -Dan F.

"After having been with many tutors, I can state that Tamara is the BEST tutor I have found and credit her with helping me maintain an "A" average in my major at UCLA. She has a way of explaining difficult concepts well so that you're able to articulate it in your own way - a gift that differentiates an ordinary teacher from a great one. Also, Tamara has never failed to impress me with her ability to grasp, condense, and explain complex concepts on challenging subjects outside of her expertise (economic anthropology, linguistics, film theory, game theory, etc.). It is because of her that I decided to pursue two minors in addition to my major knowing that she can help me. She truly loves to learn and this is evident in her teaching. I plan to attend graduate school and hope that she will still be available. I know I am being selfish when I say that my fear is that this outstanding and brilliant teacher and scholar will be discovered by big business or the government and will be too busy to tutor anymore!" -Christian H.

Tamara is very knowledgable. She demonstrates sensitivity and a high measure of caring and concern for her students. -Roxana G.

"Tamara, thank you so much for helping me. I got full points (100%) on my assignment. I could not have done it without you." -S.M.

"Tamara creates an environment where students can be themselves and ask as many questions as they like. She is the kind of teacher who will try to make a lesson fun so that students will learn from it...She is one of the most dedicated teachers I have had. She is the type of person who will make time for you." -Angela I.

"Although I was scared to write huge papers for class, Tamara helped me gain comfort with my own style of writing and showed me how to make it stronger." -B.K.

"I can't think of enough great things to say about her and how helpful she has been with my senior writing (undergrad) class. I would definitely recommend her for any level of writing project." -Mike S.

"The most valuable thing I gained through working with Tamara was the confidence she instilled in me when I was writing essays. Tamara was there to give me guidance, whether it was giving me an idea to run with and expand or to give constructive feedback on a topic I was unsure about. That constant communication between us was pretty enjoyable, as she expanded my mind and really encouraged me to think outside the box." -Jason N.

"Her dedication to student learning is evident, but in my eyes Tamara takes the time to go one step further and connect with her students." -Taylor R.

Tamara is an amazing teacher. -Eric S.

"Tamara is upbeat, cheerful, and intelligent." -Veronica H.

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